Other notes

- I’m not sure if it’s Texas or the South, but a lot of my friends here talk about getting married and having kids and their plans down the road. Blah blah blah. They are all younger than me and single…NMP. I don’t want any of that at this time in my life and I don’t feel like my friends up North talk about this stuff ever or as much as they do down here. I swear, the kids in college are all on the hunt for their significant other and I find it slightly crazy.

- Since 95% of my friends moved away once they all graduated, I have been friend dating. It is so hard to make friends as an adult, especially if you aren’t in school or don’t work with people your age. I feel like I’m courting multiple partners and it’s exhausting, but I think I have at least 4 new friends. I’ve gone out almost every day after work this past week on friend dates. I would like to date guys, but I don’t even know how I’d have time for them (Having friends is more important to me. I’m not into that whole I only have a boyfriend and no friends bs). Problems.

- Making friends as an adult is weird because you know what you want and you know what you don’t want in a friend. I’m not sure if I fully trust some of these people yet. One of them I’m kind of meh about because she is gluten free, is married to a way older man, is judgmental especially about older people acting young (AKA me), doesn’t like food, etc…I’m not sure how this is going to work out. I’m learning to be less trusting after all of this happened. Not everyone is going to be a good fiend to you is what I’ve learned the hard way since moving here, so I think I need to be more guarded. Problems.

- I’m going home for Labor Day weekend. I thought it would be risky because I knew stuff would get busy around now and of course it did with interviews and what not (which is good), but I am excited to go back to Chicago. I miss summer in the city. NMP.

- I miss having cable (HELP ME. I’M POOR) and have been watching Workaholics on amazon prime, which is funny, but my membership is going to run out. Problems.

- Got nominated for the ice bucket challenge and failed. No video and no donations. Sorry to be a spoilsport. Problems.

- Graduating is the worst. I still don’t have a full-time job and will start my new part-time job tomorrow. Problems. I feel like only part-time jobs hire me. Health insurance is such a privilege!!

Signs I’m so fucking single: I went to a free dance class and they taught us the “Single Ladies” dance. I’m not sure if that’s cool or if I hate myself. Problems.

Signs I’m so fucking single: I went to a free dance class and they taught us the “Single Ladies” dance. I’m not sure if that’s cool or if I hate myself. Problems.

So I unknowingly transported drugs to a different town this weekend…problems. I thank Yeezus that we were never pulled over. Fact: I’ve never even done drugs, so that would have been shitty luck if we were stopped.

So I unknowingly transported drugs to a different town this weekend…problems. I thank Yeezus that we were never pulled over. Fact: I’ve never even done drugs, so that would have been shitty luck if we were stopped.

U. of I. freshmen from China start college with jet lag, culture shock

Maybe it’s because I’m in higher ed and want to work with international education, but I found this article very interesting. I feel like as undergraduate students at U of I, a lot of us discriminated against or maybe ignored or avoided international students, especially those from China, because there were so many of them, we thought they didn’t speak English, etc etc. Let’s be real— most white students from the middle of nowhere in IL in the Greek system didn’t have meet foreign students at the top of their list of priorities.

As a graduate student at my school who interned in an international programs office, I’ve learned how incredible it is to meet students from around the world. I think that sometimes there’s a stigma or stereotype about international students and I can’t imagine how difficult it is to come to a completely new place alone for four years and of all places, the middle of nowhere (Urbana-Champaign. Ya know). American students are very open to those with “cool accents” (English, Australian, etc), but I think others are avoided due to stereotypes, which is sad.

Anyway, international students are not a problem. They make college campuses even more interesting and diverse.

I have a lot of things to say about Taylor Swift’s new video, but I feel like it’s a copy of Hanson’s “Give a Little” and a little bit of “Thinking ‘Bout Something” (The goofiness and end dance scene) via 2010. The songs sound similar—Upbeat dance songs with horns—and the videos have a similar aesthetic: People being goofy and dancing in a white studio. Ballet, people who do dance tricks, hip hop dancers, the dance solos at the end, and white singers who can’t dance (LOL, sorry). With so much money, I think she could be a bit more creative than doing something that’s already been done. NMP. It’s crazy how the internet blew up over this dumb video. Don’t you think she’s totally deviating from country and now sounds like Avril Lavigne in her “Girlfriend” days?

Do you think Taylor’s video is offensive? While I think society has become extremely sensitive, especially with the internet, this explains it all perfectly. It’s also interesting to me to see some peoples’ white privilege because a bunch of my basic bitch white friends on facebook’s only comments about this video are “Omg confession: I love this video. It’s so catchy!”, which make me smh.


Other notes about yesterday: PROBLEMS

  • I did the Under Armour #IWillWhatIWant free workout and pretty much can’t move now. I didn’t realize the teachers were well-known and hard core in the fitness world. I didn’t know why people were taking pictures with them…Duh. One of them was the creator of Cyc and the other is the creator of NuFit. For about an hour I thought about becoming a fitness teacher. Self, get a job.
  • I went to the pool and got burned above and below my top. Wearing a bra is now painful…Wtf.
  • Since I now live with a guy, I got a very different view on the stupid drama. I listened to him and what he said worked! My friends all told me to tell him off, but my roommate said that saying something like please don’t talk to me (He said don’t show emotion) would hurt him the most. I think it worked because I got this extremely long text apologizing, etc. I don’t know if I will respond (I am too nice and have never completely cut someone out of my life…), but I know I probably should not.
  • It’s funny that the texting drama started today because I dropped my phone in the pool, but it still works (SO FAR. Knock on wood and god bless Samsung. Surprise. I’m not an iPhone user!)
  • Ugh, also as I mentioned, I was supposed to be responsible tonight/this weekend, but did not do anything productive since that text. After that, I took my roommate out and showed him downtown. The topless woman, the thong man, and a woman dressed like Carrie from “Carrie” were out, but no Jesus.

Well. Problemas.

I hate men.

Cool title, eh? It should be “boys” because that is what this jerk is.

OF COURSE after a week of feeling fine and kind of forgetting about the rudeness that was this, that jerk has the nerve to text me, even after I erased his number. He seems to always text me when I’m trying to be responsible and thinking about my uncle’s funeral. What a coincidence. Why are men who are not into you always reaching out to you for attention even though they don’t give a shit about you?

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