Have you ever accepted or rejected a job that you didn’t really want?

In a moment of desperation, I applied to as many jobs as possible. I feel like I sound like a brat, but of course, I only hear back from the one that I don’t really want. I interviewed today, heard back today, and need to let them know by tomorrow. It’s a lot in a short amount of time, too, which I find overwhelming. It would give me good experience, however, again, I feel like I sound like a brat, it pays well below what I expected to receive, especially with a master’s degree. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but I feel like there are some limits.

I’m still waiting to hear back from other positions that I interviewed at and have another one coming up next week. I also applied to a handful of jobs that I’m actually really excited for (and pay much better) this past weekend. If I had all the money in the world, I know what my decision would be, but when you need to pay rent and pay back student loans, I feel like you have to look at jobs differently.

If you were ever in this situation, what did you do?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Problems.

EDIT: The people were nice, the job was ok, but I think you should be allowed to be picky, in a professional way. The interview is in a sense a way to interview the office as well (That’s my belief). You need to think about your own needs first instead of thinking about only being polite. Wow, I feel like I’m giving myself a pep talk. I wish I read “Lean In” earlier since it’s been sitting on my floor all year!!!

I recently had the most entertaining workout session ever because Inside Edition was on in front of my elliptical machine. Dream job: The Inside Edition voice over. When I was a kid, I thought Inside Edition with Deborah Norville was real news. How is this crazy show still on tv??

NMP. Even though this is a Soup parody, it’s pretty accurate.


That fool laughing out loud at the gym while working out

TMI, but I would also like to say that if you are exercising, do not wear those new stupid cheeky underpants. It is the most uncomfortable thing ever.

Conflicting Views

I think graduation is the worst. I loved being a grad student at my school. Now all I have is a graduate degree, no full-time job, lots of debt, and my parents said that I can’t move home, so I’m stuck here while all of my friends leave town. Don’t tell me congratulations! Please send your condolences instead.

If I could, I’d stay in school forever. Student life is so nice and easy. I’m currently undermployed and have a decent amount of free time. I’d love to travel, but alas, I don’t have any money to travel, so I’m stuck here. All I do here is work out and go to the pool since there is not much else to do. I feel like I am in pretty good shape and my tan is out of control (I look like the Coopertone girl. My tan lines make it look like I am wearing a pale bathing suit). But of course, I am single and alone. Look at me, dammit!! I don’t think I have felt this fit since I ran cross country in high school.


Snob comment

While I am nowhere near buying real furniture of value, I strongly dislike Ikea. If you are a grown adult with a well paying job, you should have real furniture made of a real piece of solid wood. I am just not a fan and need to stop being poor. Problems.

I could have saved myself thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and so many tears…if I would have just broken up with the guys sooner. Here’s a tip I have gleaned from the past: if you’re not married and you’re writing about him in a blank notebook and spending money talking about him with an accredited psychologist, you should probably just break up with him. Seriously. It’s only going to get harder as time goes on, so save yourself the money and the time. Get a trainer instead and dump him….How long would you spend trying to fit a puzzle piece into a puzzle where it didn’t fit? More than a minute? Why do we spend years and hundreds of dollars on therapy and last-ditch-effort vacations trying to make relationships work out that just aren’t ever going to?

From Judy Greer’s book. A wise sage. This is better than any stupid dating advice book. More on her book later (Note: I loved it, but I’m a big fan of hers, so I’m biased).

Don’t let men/losers be your problem.

I usually choose which machine I want to use at the gym based on the channel of the television in front of each machine (We can’t change channels. Boo). Yesterday I picked the elliptical with Ellen on in front of it. NEVER watch Ellen when you are working out + hormonal. I was that girl who was openly crying while watching Ellen give deserving people big checks while working out at my school’s gym. The best/most tearful one for me was when she gave each kid in a family $10,000 to go to college. Problems.

Citygram Anniversary Party!

One of the main issues that I’ve had since moving here is making friends as an adult. I have asked everyone I know to go with me to this and they all said no. It’s FREE (Free food and discounted drinks at a new bar. GAHHH).

Here are the type of friends that I need. Please apply within:

  • The going out friend who is always down for a good time.
  • The spontaneous friend who is always game to try new things on a whim and can make plans the day of whatever it is you want to do.
  • The friend you can talk to about emotional things.
  • The friend who is into the same superficial things as you, such as television shows, shopping, etc.
  • The activities friend who you know will go to concerts, sporting events, or go on a hike with you.

Within the next week, four of my friends who fulfill the above are leaving me and I have to start making friends all over again. It took me about two years to build those friendships! I feel like I need to start a blog about friend dating because I actually did that on Tuesday. It was interesting because I don’t know how to ask someone for their number. I was also too drunk to remember my new friend’s name. Problems. If you have any advice about how to make new friends in new cities, please share!

I can’t tell if I feel sick from inhaling all of that bleach or eating too many hot cheetos.
Nighttime problems.

I can’t tell if I feel sick from inhaling all of that bleach or eating too many hot cheetos.

Nighttime problems.