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Deep Thoughts on a Monday

- I still don’t really understand Pinterest. It’s a little too girly for me. I’m a little weirded out by people who post about weddings when they are not engaged or married.

- I wish people over the age of 21 (or maybe people in general) would stop wearing those North Face Denali fleece jackets. We wore those in high school. It’s time for an adult change. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. You can do better than that! The jackets aren’t even warm and you’re wearing a fleece in the middle of winter!

- While I enjoy James Franco, his film/new project/whatever makes me mad because it’s so lame. I’m over his dark and brooding ways.

- The Facebook map thing on the timeline profile is creepy. It shows where you work, so strangers can murder you while you are working.

- The 6-year-olds in class were talking about pubic hair with their dads. ???

- Why do I still watch Jersey Shore? I think the trend is over.

- I finished Mindy Kaling’s book. I liked it because it made me laugh out loud, but I feel like she was a little bitter and resentful at times. You’re living the life that every comedy writer/actor dreams of, so can it!

- I recently had quiche for the first time ever (so uncultured). It is delicious, however how is it not an egg scrambler?

- I have become obsessed with Above the Law. My JD /law school besties (that’s a joke) read it and it’s just like gawker for lawyers, in my opinion.

- Dear Tom Brady: Karma.

- I didn’t find the Superbowl commercials to be very funny. Does Sketchers make shoes for dogs?? I feel like the commercials were geared toward a more general sense of humor?

All of the above: NMP, especially Tom Brady.